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 You  can't AFFORD (and don't need) an expensive database with monthly fees.  We focus on real problem solutions for clients who just want to get rid  of all the problems that come from trying to use Excel as a database  substitute;  We have built a broad range of Database solutions for  Materials Resource Planning, Project Management, Mission Critical  Financial  data, Training tracking, Customer contact tracking, and many  other needs. Microsoft Access , VBA, SQL database development 

We can take in your messy spreadsheets and give you back a great Database


Send us your spreadsheets, we will send you a quote and we can then deliver a great database!

Complex problems can be solved if the team acts like a team


 When we started this initiative at Yokohama, it started with many challenges starting with inadequate development environment to develop and test the enhancement requests and requirements. Ed was very patient and helpful in understanding the moving targets and adapt the designs to it very quickly. He did a great job in designing the flexible and make it more user friendly applications which will prove a solid foundation for future phases of the project. He was always willing and available to help.


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